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Getting pulled over for driving drunk can be a traumatic affair. We at Fairfax Dui Lawyer have been dealing with DUI cases for over two decades. Each lawyer at our prestigious firm has an excellent track record in getting their clients a fair trial.  If you are looking for an attorney who is hundred percent invested in your case, we are your best bet. Our firm ensures trying the very best to makes sure that your little mistake doesn’t cost you any jail time or community service.  Fairfax DUI Lawyer promises you the best DUI lawyers  in the country to help you fight your case.

The DUI lawyers in our team can help you out in case you were suspected of driving under the influence. Each state refers to DUI by different names like driving under the influence, or driving while intoxicated or operating under the influence or operating while intoxicated and so on.  Our lawyers have experience handling criminal law cases. We even have former prosecutors on our team.  With plenty of years of experience under our belt, Fairfax DUI Lawyer, we have helped several clients get a positive outcome after they were charged with a DUI.

In case you are planning on overcoming a DUI case without legal counsel, it could result in a bigger problem than you imagine. Our DUI attorneys have the required knowledge in dealing with infractions on the side of offenders as well as victims.  Our qualified lawyers will help you get the charges dropped and help with the ton of paperwork that will be coming your way once you are charged with a DUI. Our lawyers will also help you deal with insurance companies and the other parties that were involved in the case.  Unless you have the best attorneys by your side, you risk getting jailed or fined for a crime that you did not commit.

Once you are charged with a DUI, place an immediate call to our firm and one of the lawyers on our team will answer all your urgent question. They will take time to go over your case and review the different details of the case to understand the situation you are in. We will also outline our process and answer any legal concerns that you might have related to the DUI case.

We launch an exhaustive investigation into your case in order to determine the true facts of the incident. After the investigation is complete, your file will be examined by the lead counselor on your case and discuss it with the judge, the prosecutor and the police officers. Once a hearing date is decided, the legal team will discuss with you about how the case will proceed in the court.  Sometimes DUI cases can take a while to get resolved. The Fairfax DUI Lawyer team will be in touch with you via email to let you know about the happenings on the case.  After your case is closed, you will be sent a letter describing the final disposition including the other condition you might be obligated to complete.