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Finding the right engagement ring could be challenging for those who have not done their homework in advance. When it is time to propose your love or if you are formally getting engaged, one cannot do without an engagement ring. It is time for celebration and most are overwhelmed by emotions. Remember it is the time to show some judgment. There are some practical suggestions from leading online diamond jewellery store on the buying tips for engagement rings. Though, the industry is conflicting, using http://time.com/4013735/how-to-buy-an-ethical-diamond/ you can buy a jewel without hurting the sentiments of anyone.

Why Insuring your Engagement Ring is more important ?

Diamond engagement rings are expensive; therefore consider insuring the ring from theft, damage or loss. Get the ring appraised and the add it onto the homeowners insurance policy. You can buy a policy for the actual ring value or On which finger should you wear an engagement ringchoose a replacement insurance policy.

  • Homeowners insurance policy can be added to your jewel. It gives you an opportunity to buy an extension or rider and covers the engagement ring. Before finalising the policy read the fine prints. You can get cover for the ring in case of natural disasters like flood, earthquake or fire.
  • Cash value policy can be purchased that will replace the ring’s value reducing the depreciation. The value of the ring depreciates over the years.
  • Replacement insurance will refund the market value of the ring.

Research thoroughly before finalizing a ring. The prices are available online or you can walk into a retail store to research on the jewel. Google reviews help finding the right engagement ring. If you have friends already married take their advice. It is best to even look into the Return Policy before clinching the deal.

Diamond Certificates – Why they Matter ?

If you are investing in gemstones and jewellery, never do it off hand. When you buy diamonds do not forget to ask questions on clarity, certification, grade and cut. AGS or GIA is a reliable agency offering certification for the ring. Compare the prices and get the stone appraised. You can also try your hand in negotiation to get the best deal.

Online and In-store return policiesIndependent appraisers are available to give a value on your diamond ring. Take their help to know the value of your purchase. There are online stores that allow you buy a ring and return it, incase you are not happy with the purchase. Before asking the hand of your beloved for marriage, ensure the ring is appraised. It is a valuable investment and you do not want anything to go wrong at this stage. If you look out you are sure to find the best deal.

Check with the Online diamond store rules on the return and cancellation policy

Get your ring numbered to identify it if it is lost. Diamond certificate numbers are laser inscribed on the ring or stone to make it identifiable in the future. The value of the ring is not impacted due to laser inscription.

It is normal that diamonds are priced higher and every woman want to own a diamond engagement ring. Check with the store rules on the return and cancellation policy. Incase anything untoward happens or if you do not like the model of the ring or if you have any concerns on the quality, you should be able to return it without any hassles.

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